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Alpha Omega Cleaning knows carpet cleaning! We have been cleaning carpets in the Milwaukee area for over 25 years and it's one of the most popular cleaning services that we offer. Every carpet is not created equally! 

Knowing what type of fibers your carpet is made of is essential  for effective and safe cleaning.  Some fibers turn brown if not dried quickly, some hold oily stains, some cannot tolerate highly alkaline cleaners or spot treatments. Is the backing jute (natural) or man-made? Having certified technicians will assure the best cleaning.

Some  natural fibers are wool, silk, cotton, sisal. Common manufactured fibers include olefin, nylon, microfiber, polyester, rayon, and more. 

Did You Know?

carpet_cleaning1 Wool carpeting is considered one of the finest carpet fibers available due to its excellent durability, plus it hides and resists soiling.  Because of its excellent dye-ability, you can get wool rugs or carpet in any color imaginable. It feels thick and plush.  Plus it cleans very well.  The drawbacks: It will fade in the sun, is more expensive, is absorbent (so it may hold wet stains) and might be subject to moth  damage.

Nylon carpeting fibers are different. Nylon is considered to be the best manmade fibers because is dyes easily, has excellent resiliency, and it cleans up well.  More economical than natural fibers, you will find it in wall to wall or rug forms.  It resists stains, but make sure you get nylon which has stain-blocking properties. Contact us for a FREE estimate and evaluation of your carpet cleaning requirements.

Carpet Cleaning Experts

Our professional carpet cleaning team will evaluate your carpeting and determine which carpet cleaning approach is best to try and restore your carpet to it's original condition. Many factors affect how we approach our carpet cleaning, from carpet types, travel and wear patterns to furniture placement,  we'll customize your FREE estimate to the needs of your home, business, office and budget!  

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